early learning centers


Imagine offers developmentally appropriate age based programs for children two months to five years old with an afterschool program at The Lehman College Child Care.  Additionally, Imagine also offers a number of interesting and unique programs at the centers.

Dance/Creative Movement

Imagine employs a team of active dancers. local to each center, to work with the children in our centers in small groups.  Although creative movement is a regular part of the classroom curriculum taught by our teachers, the dancers are an excellent resource and a fresh source of inspiration for the children and teachers. Various types of movement are explored at all our centers with an emphasis on multiculturalism and free expression. Yoga, Fitness Fun, Zumba, Latin and Afro dance have all been components of our programs for Infants,Toddlers and Preschoolers.


In addition to daily experiences in music, singing, rhythm and sound, special music classes are conducted by the Imagine Music Coordinator, AnneMarie Robley, at each center.  AnneMarie, who holds a BA in Music Education, incorporates special instruments, songs, fingerplays and age appropriate music education instruction in her fun and engaging classes.


All of the centers have a creative, age appropriate language program. Many centers incorporate training for teachers and parents in American Sign Language starting in the infant rooms to facilitate early communication. Children continue to learn simple signs, even learning songs in sign, in the Toddler and Preschool classes. We offer language experiences that are reflective of our family and staff populations at each individual center. Spanish, Russian, Hindi, French, Japanese and Chinese are among the languages in which our children are learning simple words. We are always interested in expanding the program as new children and staff speaking other languages join our programs.

Summer Programs

During the summer months we add new 'camp-like' programs.  The classes have included outdoor sports such as soccer, lacrosse and various forms of exercise.  All centers participate in outdoor water play in sprinklers on site or at parks, where we also visit different playgrounds and plan picnic lunches. Some centers have incorporated chess, karate, and special entertainer visits.  Classes particiapte in center-wide fun themed days like 'Pajama Day' and 'Backwards Day", and several seasonal field trips are also planned.