early learning centers


Please refer to the list below to view our most frequently asked questions.

Are there application and/or registration fees?

Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Vets Kids, Port Washington and Mt. Sinai Kids charge a one time $25.00 fee to place a new family on the waiting list. Lehman College has an annual registration fee.

Is there a nurse on site and is the staff trained in CPR and First Aid?

All centers, per licensing requirements, have a Health Care Consultant. The consultant advises the programs on health and medication administration policies, the maintenance of medical records, and providing resources to parents regarding pediatric health issues. The HC may also provide workshops to staff and parents. 

All Imagine teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid and recertified every 2 years. Additionally, where required, our centers have several staff trained to dispense medicine to children (MAT, Medication Administration Training), so that children requiring medication during our hours of operation stay on schedule.

What is your health/sick policy?

At some point during any school experience, children are going to become ill. A fever is not the only indication of illness. If a child is unable to keep up with the daily activities she/he should remain home to rest and regain their full strength.  When sick children come to school they put themselves and others at risk for continued illness. Imagine has a complete Health Policy in the Family Handbook.

Can I change my child's schedule if necessary?

Parents interested in a change of schedule must inquire with the center Director. Imagine is committed to accommodating these requests to the best of our ability, realizing that classroom teacher-child ratios must be maintained.

What are your ratios?

The centers maintain or exceed the ratios recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). These ratios exceed those recommended by our respective licensing agencies. Center Directors will be able to provide more information regarding ratios in specific classrooms.

Can parents come during the day to visit?

All Imagine centers have an Open Door Policy. We welcome visitors from each family's Authorized Escort List during the day as long as a visit does not upset the child or disrupt the class. Additionally, most of the centers have windows into the classroms enabling parents and friends to view children.  Regular visits at lunch time, especially for infant feeding, are common and welcome.

Do you go outside everyday?

Weather permitting, all the children are outside playing everyday, usually morning and afternoon. We have strollers and buggies for the children who do not walk. Parents should expect that if a child is healthy enough to come to the center then she/he is healthy enough to go outside.